“Avengers 2”: How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Weigh?

Raising Thor’s hammer is a recurring joke of “Avengers 2” theatrically on April 22. True scientists have tried to estimate the weight of the tool that only the god of Asgard can carry.

One by one, in Avengers 2 , the superheroes try to brandish Thor’s hammer, which seems to be screwing to Tony Stark’s coffee table. Only Captain America manages to make a few millimeters blink the powerful divine weapon.

The god of Asgard finds a single explanation for this general failure: “You are not worthy,” he cleverly addresses his acolytes. In the legend of the comics, only a person with this quality can indeed take in hand this hammer of war named Mj√∂lnir. In Avengers 2 , the hammer joke that can not be lifted is a fun gimmick.

Thor capable of lifting up to 100 tons

This magical property of the weapon has intrigued many scientists who have studied the theoretical weight of the hammer according to the legend of its manufacture. According to the Marvel encyclopedia online, the hammer would have two possible origins. A first version states that it was created several millennia ago by dwarf blacksmiths. The head of the object would be made from Uru, a gray metal existing only in the universe of Asgard, the kingdom of Thor.

A hammer presentation card published in 1991 by Marvel editions estimated the weight of the hammer at 42.3 pounds, or about 20 kilos. A very light weight when you know that Thor has superhuman strength and is able to lift up to 100 tons.

The weight of a herd of 300 billion elephants

According to another legend, the weapon would have been forged in the heart of a star. The energies used were so powerful that they nearly destroyed the Earth. The American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had therefore analyzed that if Thor’s hammer were made of star neutrons, he could weigh the equivalent of a herd of 300 billion elephants. One of these pachyderms weighs about 6 tons.

The weight of the hammer would be 1,800 billion tonnes, which would explain why even Hulk cannot lift it.

What would Thor do without his hammer, the Mjolnir? We wonder and we will soon discover it! Yes, because if you remember the explosive trailer of Thor Ragnarok , it was destroyed, broken into a thousand pieces by the terrible Hela, played by Cate Blanchett . A radical change for Thor, who will have to learn to do without. But can he recover his Mjolnir later and above all, how? Because he could clearly need it if he wants to fight against Thanos in The Avengers 3: Infinity War . According to moviepilot there are several solutions to this problem. The first and most logical would be simply to ask Odin, his father, to hammer him a new hammer. Only small obstacle: we do not know where the king of Asgard has gone. The latter was indeed replaced by Loki at the end of the second part and we do not know where he disappeared. At least Thor does not know it, because from what we have learned from filming, he would have taken refuge on Earth, wandering the streets of New York and unrecognizable. Rest assured, if Odin can not forge a new Mjolnir to Thor, the God of Thunder will be able to count on another precious help: that of Dr. Strange.

The latter was introduced last year in the film of the same name and if you remember, in the end, he was talking with Thor. What’s more, he is the Supreme Wizard and manipulates magic and matter with agility. And most importantly, he owns Agamotto’s Eye, which has the power to control time. The latter could very well use it to recover Thor’s Mjolnir before it was destroyed. Otherwise, we imagine that Dr. Strange could also simply create a new one.

Everything is possible with magic! In any case, one thing is certain, Dr. Strange will have a role to play in Thor Ragnarok since it was announced in the casting . Otherwise, there is another way for Thor to get his hammer, which can be found in the comic Thor Vol. 1 # 388. In this one, Thor fights against a Celestial Being named Exitar, who then breaks his hammer. Finally, the Celestials and Thor finally make peace and then repair their Mjolnir. Since The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduced his first Heavenly Being, Thor Ragnarok could very well introduce another one as well. With Hela in the vicinity, ready to wreak havoc, the Celestial Beings could well get involved and help Thor recover his beloved hammer. And you what do you think ?