What Are The Best Luxury Watches Brands?

The discussion about which brand is the best or which is better than another is very bright and is always open among wrist watch enthusiasts. There are so many different characteristics and peculiarities that are important for a person looking in a watch or for the producer himself that a simple table or an attempt to create a ranking would be really useless and meaningless.

So this guide wants to be simply a starting point to help those approaching the world of luxury watches to understand the range of brands available. Rolex will take more space than other brands only because it is probably the most famous brand in the world and is perceived by the public as an excellence. It is the brand that is taken as a touchstone in discussions between laymen.

Any reference to a specific brand in certain categories should be understood as a simple example in a general guide to start a search between clocks. In no way does this want to be a definitive guide on the characteristics that all these brands offer. The search to find the watch of your dreams will be longer and more detailed. You will have to research the individual attributes of the watch and the companies that seem interesting to you in order to be able to determine with confidence which one is most suitable for your needs, your personality and your style.

Is Rolex the Best?

It is clear that the popularity of a brand is just one of the factors that indicates the superior quality of a product. In most cases the public only knows some brands that have been well publicized as the “best of the best” and that have managed to break through the collective imagination, creating an image of them that borders on the myth. Other brands and products of the same quality or even higher are totally unknown to the general public.

Equally true is that the most popular or the most obvious choice will not be the one that would make true fans and connoisseurs. This applies not only to watches. Probably the average man does not know what choice would make a true wine lover, a true lover of sports cars, a lover of fine liqueurs. Evident, right?

Likewise, ordinary people probably do not even know of the existence of watch brands such as Alain Silberstein, Blancpain, Chopard, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Fortis, Franck Mueller, Patek Phillipe, Ulysse Nardin, to name a few.

For many products, the most famous brands dominate the market thanks to their worldwide reputation and the recognizability of their brand but, despite having very high quality standards, they often do not represent the best choice.

Many times the success acquired can even be harmful, if we talk in terms of product quality, ability to innovate and always push the limit a little further. In fact, the dominance of the market could make these companies settle that will lose that desire and ambition that led their brand to be so famous.

It is obvious that if we want to impress the people around us, the choice, for any product we are buying, will fall on famous and recognizable brands, without even considering the fact that maybe we have paid too high a price for a product that, in the end, it could result qualitatively inferior to the expectations that that reputation of “leader in the field” a determined brand has succeeded to create.

But lovers and true enthusiasts do not buy what impresses others, they only buy what impresses them. And if others do not know that particular brand, probably, the fault is them.

Are you Investing in Watches? That’s why it’s worth it. We explain why

Investing in luxury watches? Did you know that luxury watches are a good investment for the future? Investment that allows us to get a good income over time. Let’s see how.

The luxury market in general in recent years has not been affected by the economic situation compared to many other sectors and taking refuge in valuables, such as watches, could represent an excellent investment solution . In particular, it becomes the best solution if compared to other investment opportunities such as real estate, burdened with too many taxes and levies and with very high maintenance costs; or to bank deposits that usually do not guarantee an adequate return; or financial investments on the stock exchange, sometimes extremely dangerous or unprofitable.

Do you want to invest in Luxury Watches?

However, there are market niches that are favored in some precise historical moments, and this is the case of the high-end watch industry. In the last 15 years luxury watches from Rolex to Omega, from IWC to Audemars Piguet via Patek Philippe have recorded incredible worldwide demand peaks. The liquidity crisis in Italy but also abroad has made it worthwhile to invest in valuable luxury watches . Which, besides being profitable, is certainly safer. To better understand, let’s take a few examples:

In 2006 we sold the Rolex GMT Master 2 with an aluminum ring at about 4,500 euros. Today, the market price of the same “used” model of 2006 is around 7,000 euros! An increase of about 60% that divided for 10 years ago 6% per year. Even if we want to remove 1.5 points of annual inflation, we still get a 4.5% tax-free revaluation that can easily be placed on the market.

But if we had kept the watch NEW without ever wearing it even with protective plastics? Its value would have almost tripled and would amount to around 11,000 euros! So a net increase of 240% . Translated per year 24% (22.5% considering inflation) !!!! An unbeatable performance that no other investment could guarantee.

You will think ” But it is a Rolex, you like to win easy! “. But no! See here some examples of how the values ​​of timepieces of other maisons have changed in 10 years precisely from 2006 to 2016:

  • Omega Snoopy value around 2500 Euro -> In 2016 value around 7.000 / 8.000 used + 200%
  • Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic in steel value around 2,500 Euro -> In 2016 value around 5,400 Euro new + 110%
  • IWC Portuguese Chrono worth around 4,000 euros -> In 2016 value around 7,700 euros new + 95%
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 39mm worth about 9,450 euros -> In 2016 value around 13,000 euros used + 50%

The list could go on for many other models of many other fashion houses. We invite you to comment on these considerations and we remain available to advise you on the best investment. Find out more: best watch stores in Los Angeles.

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